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Edison Bulb String Lights

For a successful and memorable party, you may want to decorate your house and garden with the unique Edison bulb string lights. However, if you forgot to order them on time, Hudson Lighting will help with express delivery, simply because we care about our customers.

Can I use any light bulb outside?

Not all bulbs are suitable for outdoor use. A lamp that you can use outside will have a UL rating, stating that it is appropriate for such an application. The UL rating will also mention the conditions on how you can use it.

If the UL rating does not specify the location means that your bulb is suitable for indoor or dry areas only. On the other hand, if the UL label states that the lamp is appropriate for damp or wet locations, it means that you can use it for outdoor or humid places.

We want to mention here that UL is not testing all the bulbs available in the market. In such a case you must check the manual with regards the type of lamp you are buying, and make sure that your Edison bulb string lights are for outdoor use.

Types of bulbs for outdoor use

Outdoor lamps are usually different from the bulbs used indoor because they have to be brighter and last longer. There are several types of lights suitable for outdoor use:

  • Halogen bulbs – they work similarly with the incandescent bulbs, but instead of the wolfram filament they use tungsten, and the gas inside is of halogen type. These lamps will be brighter than other lights but are running on higher temperatures being less energy-efficient and having a shorter life span.
  • LED bulbs – have developed rapidly in recent years and now are integrated into any lighting related application. With an extended lifespan, no UV or infrared emissions, and consuming less energy than any other technology, LED’s are the preferred outdoor lighting solution. They are also environmentally friendly since the bulb does not contain any mercury or toxic gases.
  • High-intensity discharge or HID – they are very bright and relatively efficient, producing white light with an excellent color rendition. Most of the HID lamps will produce UV radiation requiring UV-block filters to diminish the effect.
  • (Compact) Fluorescent Light – is an energy-efficient type of bulb that creates light by ionizing the gases (argon and mercury) inside. They have a longer lifespan and are cheaper when compared to LED or HID bulbs. The downside of using the fluorescent light is the presence of mercury and an extended warm-up period.

How do you secure Edison bulb string lights?

Hanging the lights is a natural process, but it will require some planning, a design, and the right tools. First, you need to measure the open space where you are planning to install the string lights. Then you will need to fix the hooks at the endpoints of this space.

From the installation guide provided by Hudson Lighting, you will learn how to connect and tighten the cable, and how to attach your string. The last step will be to energize and to enjoy your new lights!

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