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Edison String Lights

The winter season is that time of the year when you want your house to look perfect and to stand out of the crowd. How better way to achieve this than with the new Edison string lights from Hudson Lighting?

How bright should outdoor lights be?

As a basic rule, you can have 100-150 lumens for a pathway, the pool lights should be around 300-400 lumens, while a floodlight is advisable to be above 700 lumens. The reason why a floodlight is brighter than the other lights is that you will use it as an alert of potential danger.

You don’t have to follow those suggestions strictly as we wanted only to give you an indication. One bulb in Edison string lights will provide approximately 150 lumens and considering there are 15 bulbs on a string the total amount will be above 2000 lumens. This light may be enough for a regular patio lighting unless you are planning a big party when you can connect up to 40 strands end to end.

Choosing an outdoor light

When planning your patio lighting, you should keep in mind why do you want to do this. If it is task-oriented like having sufficient light for your pathway and deck or security reasons, you may not need too much planning. However, if you want to create an ambient or to highlight some parts of your garden you may want to get a pen and some paper:

  • Calculations – for a rough estimation you can consider the wattage required, by multiplying your area in square feet with 1.5 factor. This will give you an estimate for the incandescent bulbs. When using LED or CFL, you have to check the equivalent wattage, which will typically be much lower.
  • Planning – ideally, you will have a template of your garden when choosing your fixtures and planning the location. Before buying, you may want to ensure that the string lights are sturdy and waterproof to ensure your light will stand harsh weather and temperatures.
  • Overview from your balcony – this may help you decide what light to choose and where to place them. You also have to consider that your patio lights will be visible from your living room and you may want to have a beautiful view at night.
  • Make it subtle – a spotlight directed to the table or pool can make your guest feeling uncomfortable so that a soft glow is preferable to the intense light.

Are outdoor lights waterproof?

It is compulsory that all lights for outdoor use to be waterproof or water-resistant. This way, you will ensure that humidity or water drops will not reach the metallic or energized parts to produce a discharge.

The Edison string lights promoted by Hudson Lighting are complying with the industry standards, and you can use them safely outside. By following the provided safety instructions, you will enjoy our products with no incidents or damages to your property for many years. All our lights are coming with a three years warranty so if you have any concerns give us a call.

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