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Edison Bulb
Hudson Lighting carries the vintage Edison bulb you've been looking for online. You're going to love the ambiance created by the Edison bulb and the fact that it's dimmable to create the perfect mood in every room. Check us out for the best prices on the Web when lighting your living and workplace spaces.
Searching for Edison bulb string lights? You'll find them online at Hudson Lighting. Our LED patio string lights feature mini Edison bulbs to create a unique mood that is irresistible. We use WeatherTite technology to create the most reliable Edison string lights on the market- and best of all, they're dimmable for all occasions.
Are you looking for a vintage Edison light bulb? You'll love our products at Houston Lighting online. We carry vintage Edison bulbs that look great in every room- and since they're dimmable, you have better control over the ambiance in your home or workplace. If you don't own an Edison bulb, you'll want to try one soon.
Look no further for Edison string lights for outdoor use- Hudson Lighting has them in stock and ready to ship. You're going to love the unique look of Edison bulbs strung up in your patio, along your swimming pool fence, or wherever you need some lighting in the after-hours. Our Edison string lights are durable and weather-resistant.
When shopping for a flickering light bulb, consider Hudson Lighting's LED flame tip candelabra bulbs. These bulbs replace any candelabra bulb you're currently using- and you'll see a noticeable difference in your energy costs by using them. Our flickering flame tip bulbs create an enchanting atmosphere indoors and out.
Check out LED patio string lights from Hudson Lighting for all of your outdoor lighting needs. These Edison bulb strings make it fun to create a unique atmosphere around the patio, pool area, or barbecue. We've spared no expense in the design and manufacture of our Edison bulb string lights- they're dimmable, durable, and resistant to weather.
Looking to create a mood with LED string lights outdoor? Check out Hudson lighting for affordable LED string lights that make it easy to create the perfect mood in any indoor or outdoor atmosphere. Add some pizzazz to your evening barbecue, light up your swimming pool for after dark entertainment, or just add a little fun around the patio.
Save money when shopping for a flame effect light bulb when you shop on Hudson Lighting. You'll always find a great deal on high quality bulbs and lighting accessories when you make us your first stop online for Edison bulbs, flame effect bulbs, LED patio strings, and more. Browse our entire inventory- you'll be glad you did.
You're going to love the effect of LED candelabra bulbs from Houston Lighting- our flame-tip bulbs offer great appeal and add a unique ambiance to any indoor environment. Our candelabra bulbs are just 5 watts, so you'll start saving money on your electric bill the moment you change out your conventional bulbs for ours.
Hudson Lighting carries the LED flame light bulb you've been looking for on the Web. Ours are designed and manufactured to mimic the appearance of conventional candelabra bulbs- and they're virtually undetectable from the real thing when you turn them on. You get a lot for your money when you shop with us.

Customer Reviews

Beautiful vintage style bulbs! Arrived in perfect condition and look gorgeous in our dining room hanging chandelier!

- Sharon

Good quality, good price. And the company contacted me after the bulbs arrived to make sure I was satisfied with everything.

- Rick

Best candelabra LED bulbs. I've tried the best and the Hudson is far above them all!

- Betsy

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