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Edison Light Bulb

Are you tired of those flickering lights or of changing those bulbs so often? If this is the case, please visit us at Hudson Lighting where we have the right solution for you in our new Vintage collection of Edison light bulbs.

Is it safe to leave LED lights on?

While the LED will not overheat, you should not forget that the transformers and wires can pose a safety hazard, so it is not safe to keep the lights on. Even if the bulb is off, the transformer is still under voltage, and weak isolation may cause leakage and eventually a short-circuit.

A modern electrical network will have the sockets protected by a residual current device that should be able to detect any leakage. However, those are not failproof, so we would advise you to either unplug the light or the switch off the socket whenever you leave the house.

Benefits of LED lights

You maybe heard that an Edison light bulb is better than incandescent or fluorescent light, but you are still not convinced to make the switch. Here are some reasons that may help you in your decision:

  • High adaptability - changing to LED is easier than you may think since these are using the same sockets as their predecessors.
  • LED’s are economical – the initial cost of the bulb may be slightly higher than other bulbs, but in the long run, you are going to save money. An LED bulb lasts up to fifteen times longer than an incandescent bulb so you will be required to replace it less often. On the other hand, an LED will convert 95% of the energy into light meaning that your electricity bill will reduce drastically while getting the same light in the room.
  • Less heat dissipation – your sockets will last longer since an LED bulb will expose them to lesser heat.
  • Flexibility with light direction – LED’s are in general directional. By using a fixture that allows tilting, you can divert the light to where is needed.
  • Color temperature – LED’s are coming in different color temperatures so you will have broader options to select, making it easier to create the ambient you would like.
  • Dimmable – depending on the LED type, this may come with a dimmable option, meaning that you can adjust the light level based on your mood. Today’s dimmers are integrated into the home automation systems, making it possible to dim your lights directly from an app installed on your mobile.

Do I need a special switch for LED lights?

Most of the LED lights do not need a different switch to turn them on or off. It is effortless to replace an incandescent or fluorescent bulb with an Edison light bulb since they are using the same infrastructure.

The bulbs supplied by Hudson Lighting are coming with a complete set of installation instructions, simple and easy to follow up. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will provide you all the clarifications required.

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