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Led Flame Light Bulb

With Halloween right around the corner, you might spruce up your home a bit with an LED flame light bulb. In the old days, people used to put those big, old orange light bulbs around the house during Halloween. Now, with LED technology from Hudson Lighting, you can get a lot more advanced than those old bulky orange bulbs that often don't even work. Why purchase the flame LED light bulb from Hudson Lighting?

The LED flame light bulb looks just like flames - like a gas lantern! You can order your bulbs right here on and choose your shipping option. This light has the most realistic-looking flame that you can find for a budget bulb. This particular bulb has 108 LEDs in it and is made in America, manufactured by the best hands in the world! This light's LEDs fire in a pattern that makes the light look like a real flame. And with a 100,000-hour life span, this light is probably going to last a lifetime!

What is the LED Flame Light Bulb Like?

Amazingly, the LED flame light bulb from Hudson Lighting is extremely energy-efficient, using a minimal 6 watts of electricity! The light comes with a standard E-26/27 base. That's just geek talk for "normal light bulb." Further, the LED flame light bulb comes in four different modes so that you can customize your flame LED bulb how you want it to display.

The light bulb is cased in plastic, has a regular socket, and can be installed inside or outdoors. Some people will purchase two bulbs and have one bulb facing up while the other bulb is facing down. This is done because the bulbs are automatically supposed to switch the way the flames go. Whether you install the light bulbs facing down or facing up, the flame patterns will travel from the bottom to the top automatically. In other words, it automatically switches based on how it is positioned. The only problem is that your neighbors may think your house is on fire!

Buy Your LED Flame Bulbs Today

From the street, passerbys will admire the flickering of the light that mimics natural fire. These lights are very bright and very natural-looking. LED flame light bulbs look beautiful, and if you didn't know any better, you would swear that they are real flames.

Get your LED flame bulbs today and save big!

Halloween is just around the corner. You still have several months remaining so get ahead of the curve. Hudson Lighting offers two-day shipping, overnight shipping, and same-day delivery to get you your LED flame light bulbs as fast as you need them.

Contact Hudson Lighting if You Need Support

Hudson Lighting offers a warranty on all of our products as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you ever need support after your purchase or have questions before making a purchase, don't hesitate to reach out. Hudson Lighting would be glad to assist you.


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