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Led patio string lights

They say that everything old will become new again, and that is undoubtedly true when redecorating your garden with the latest LED patio string lights from Hudson Lighting. The fresh look your backyard will get will make your family and friends enjoy it again, for many years to come.

How do you hang string lights outdoors?

It is not difficult to fix the lights if you have a ladder, a few hooks, and some imagination. The string lights are the easiest and cheapest way to up your outdoor space, and we will try to give you below some placing ideas:

  • Below an umbrella – even if you don’t need the umbrella at night, it is easy to fix the string on its ribs, and to get the light when needed.
  • On the gazebo – if you have one, or any outdoor structure, you can use the lights across the perimeter so you will get a warm glow inside. For an increased illumination, you can even use several strings, connected back to back, and fixed on the ceiling or doing a zigzag inside.
  • Around a tree – this will help you highlight during the night some of the most beautiful parts of your garden, or to bring light on some shadowed corners.
  • Across a patio – if the opening is not very wide, you can do a zigzag between your house and the fence if this is tall enough. If not, you can use the nearby trees or a simple pole.
  • Do some artwork – if you have an empty wall or some isolated corners, you can use the string lights to do some decorations and make the space useful at night.

Do you need a guidewire to hang string lights?

You may not be required every time to install a guidewire for hanging your LED patio string lights. However, if you are planning to go over a large area, you may need to use a wire rope, since the cord provided with the kit will not be able to sustain the weight.

In this case, you have to decide first on the endpoints where you will install the anchors. To tension the rope, you will need some turnbuckles, preferably the eye to eye configuration to avoid losing the cable.

When shopping for materials, don’t forget to get some wire rope clips to fix the wire on the anchors, and tie wraps or clips to hang the lights. You have to remember not to connect more strings than recommended. With our string lights, you can connect up to 40 strands.

How long do LED lights last?

Usually, the LED’s have a lifetime of 50,000 hours. If you are using your LED patio string lights for six hours daily means the bulb will last for over twenty years.

All bulbs provided by Hudson Lighting are factory tested to ensure no faulty materials are reaching to our customers. Plus, to provide you with peace of mind, we also offer an extended three years warranty, for any defective bulb.

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