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LED String Lights For Outdoor Applications

If you have a lovely garden, you may want to be able to use it safely also during the evenings and nights, too. The LED string lights for outdoor use supplied by Hudson Lighting will not only provide the light you need but will also beautify your place.

What are the LED string lights?

The LED string or décor lights are an outdoor type of fixtures, installed on a sturdy cable, able to sustain its weight along with the sockets and bulbs attached. Since we designed them for outdoor use, all connections are hermetically sealed to ensure no water or humidity reaches the metal or the energized parts.

Being meant for outdoor use, if you have incandescent bulbs, those need to be contained in an airtight enclosure to ensure no raindrops will reach the bulb. For this reason, most of the outdoor string lights today are using LED bulbs. These will not overheat, making them safe for indoor as well as for outdoor applications.

Some of the LED string lights for outdoor can be programmed to twinkle or slow fade, setting a joyful mood for your patio. Regardless of the way the light goes on or off, all outdoor string lights are robust and durable, intended to withstand rain, wind, and extreme temperatures.

Can you use outdoor string lights indoors?

Yes, you can use an outdoor string light inside the house as well. The look will be a bit rough since they are meant to withstand adverse weather, and they are well sealed to prevent water from coming in contact with the electrical parts. Usually, we will use the same kind of bulb for indoor or outdoor, but the socket construction will differ depending on the type.

If used inside the house, an outdoor fixture will perform better than an indoor one when installing it in an area with high humidity. For example, an outdoor string will do well in bathrooms, or in the kitchen near the sink, to provide some extra light.

Usually, the LED bulbs are operating at 12V, and since we are connecting the lamps in parallel, means that they will need an adequate power source. However, we cannot seal the provided transformer the same way as the rest of the string. For safe operation, it will be better to place the transformer in a dry, ventilated place to avoid any electrical shock hazards.

Difference between indoor and outdoor lights

Indoor and outdoor lights may look very similar, but you should not make a mistake to interchange them. The LED string lights for outdoor are specifically designed to perform well in wet conditions, while the indoor lights are safe to use with a Christmas tree, for example.

For safe usage, at Hudson Lighting, we are marking on the box if the light is for indoor or for outdoor use. We do not recommend it, and you should not attempt to use an indoor string light outside the house or in a humid environment.

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