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The Edison Bulb

Thomas Alva Edison was the one who created the first commercial application of the electrical bulb. At Hudson Lighting, we are continuing the tradition by delivering an advanced and efficient LED Vintage Edison bulb.

What does it mean LED light?

LED is the abbreviation for light-emitting diode and represents a semiconductor that is emitting light when passed by an electrical current. Depending on the construction, an LED will emit a single wavelength in infrared or as visible light. Some of the benefits of the LED’s are:

  • Low energy consumption – most of the LED bulbs can be battery operated having low energy consumption.
  • Longer life expectancy – you can use the lamp for several years when properly installed and maintained. The expected lifetime of any LED bulb is seven times longer than fluorescent light and almost fifteen times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb.
  • Environmentally friendly – the LED Edison bulb is transforming most of the electrical power into light, with minimal heat dissipation.

Which is better SMD or LED?

Depending on the application, you can use either SMD or an LED for better performance. To understand how this is working, SMD, which is the abbreviation surface mounted device, has the diodes permanently fused on an electronic board. The size of the LED is small, making it possible to have three or more diodes mounted on the same board.

Diodes can also be in different colors and, when assembled at the same point, will create a multicolor pixel. You can use those pixels for light shows, façade lighting, outdoor architectural lighting for public areas, or LED advertising screens.

The size of a regular LED is slightly bigger than the size of an SMD, but delivering a higher light intensity. They are easy to produce and are relatively cheaper when compared with SMD’s. The main application for a regular LED is lighting, including street, outdoor, or indoor lighting.

Reasons why LED lights burn prematurely

An LED light is expected to have a longer lifetime than a regular light bulb, but it will not last forever. However, an early burnout is a sign that something went wrong, and below are some of the reasons why LED fail prematurely:

  • Inferior quality materials – the main component in an LED light is the semiconductor, usually manufactured in a different location than the lamp. There is no way to know when you buy a bulb, how is the quality of the diode inside. However, a seller offering an extended warranty may be a good indication of a better lamp.
  • Lack of test reports – if the lamp you just bought has no test certificate is a high possibility that the product is of a low quality. We are thoroughly testing our Edison bulb range, and we will provide you the reports if needed.
  • Counterfeited materials – this is a common cause of the early failure of an LED bulb. A very low price may be a good indication of a counterfeited, low-quality product.

At Hudson Lighting we value our customers, and we will provide you a complete set of documentation, including the warranty certificate. Contact our support team and we will be happy to assist you with any questions.

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